Platform Four Model Railway Controls

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Platform Four designs, builds and sells model railway electronic controls.
Our very low cost DCC controller comes on a pcb which you can use as is or mount on your own plinth or box.
If you want a system with a fancy expensive box then businesses like Hornby etc will do one at twice the cost of our dcc controller.

DCC model railway controller. OO/N gauges
Comes with controller and 1.75 amp power supply
Control up to 100 trains. Set loco address 1 to 9999. Set loco CV addresses. Set accessory address.
Set loco function on loco's with address 1 to 9999 to 0 to 28
Consist mode.
DCC controller with keypad

DCC model railway shuttle controller with station stop. OO/N gauges
Shuttles train between two points with programmable delay.
Speed and timer controls on pcb.
Functions 0 (lights) and function 1 (sound) on and off buttons.
Comes with circuit board and power supply
dcc shuttle

Shuttle Controller
DCC model railway 4 amp booster. OO/N gauges
4 amp DCC booster

Shuttle Controller

DCC loop reverser. OO/N gauges
Changes polarity of loop as train goes around a reversing loop
Works with reversing loop, wye junction, crossover and turn table.
dcc loop reverser
DCC loop reverser

DCC Model railway controller. OO/N gauges
Connects to your laptop/pc with a USB cable.
Controls up to 127 loco's with loco's in use up to 1.75 amp power usage.
Can change loco addresses. Send function commands. Controls accessories.
Comes with Windows PC software on CDROM and power supply.

dcc controller

Shuttle Controller

Shuttle Controller

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